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Insight into the physical layer of datacenter connectivity

Amesbury Consulting

provides insight into the physical layer of the data network - one of the least understood, yet most critical, elements of datacenter connectivity. 


brings real world perspective to datacenter connectivity. From 2008 to 2017 Amesbury  was on hiatus while Guy J. Ashton, our founder, took a fulltime position with Digital Realty Trust. Digital was rewriting the datacenter playbook at that time, and the opportunity to contribute was too great to pass up. Ashton used the expertise gained at Amesbury to bring carriers into 45 new-to-market datacenters across North America, EMEA and APAC.  He negotiated over 400 carrier license agreements, managed 90 carrier point-of-presence rooms and documented the connectivity assets across Digital's portfolio.  

Since 2001

Amesbury has served more than 30 government and commercial real estate clients, including: The National Communications System/Department of Homeland Security, The City of Los Angeles, The Carlyle Group, Russo Development and Stream Realty Partners. We found our niche helping our clients make informed decisions around datacenter development by reporting on the fiber optic networks running into and around properties.   


is partnered with select consultancies to offer our clients a full suite of solutions. Prior to founding Amesbury, Ashton held positions in building access and business development for facilities-based telecommunications carriers such as Metropolitan Fiber Systems, RCN, and Brooks Fiber Communications as they built out their metro fiber networks. Amesbury combines this knowledge with research in the field; we work with local carriers, municipalities and outside plant engineers to deliver a comprehensive perspective on the connectivity ecosystem in a client's market of interest. 

Challenges and solutions

1. Carrier connectivity conundrum -

Unless carriers are built into the property already or it is fortunate enough to have Bloomberg, LinkedIn or a similar â 'destination tenant', a developer needs a connectivity strategy Day 1. Amesbury can help developers avert an all-too-common trap: carriers won't build into a property without customers but customers won't sign leases without carriers.   

2. Pathway, premises, and power -

Despite their criticality, these elements of a datacenter's connectivity frequently go under-developed. Amesbury can oversee the design and configuration of a datacenter's Zero MHs, duct banks, telco spaces, racks and beyond to ensure that the physical layer is manageable, sustainable and monetizable.

3. Documentation will set you free

The right software increases the value of the physical layer exponentially. Trying to manage connectivity assets with an unwieldly tangle of spreadsheets does not. Amesbury can help clients harness their data with a cloud-based connectivity management solution that empowers datacenter operations - from trouble-shooting and workflow management to one-touch report generation.  

About Us

Ashton lives in Amesbury

Massachusetts with his wife, three sons and golden retriever. An Englishman, he served in the British Army and spent the balance of his twenties travelling before settling in the United States as a permanent resident. Apart from his family his interests include: industrial archeology, fish & game and, recently, yoga.


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